Press/Media Coverage

Press/Media Coverage

May 2015

Demanding democratic reform ahead of the UK election (Aljazeera, 6 May)

La ‘okupación’ del Parlamento británico (El Mundo, 1 May)

Occupy Democracy protest continues in British capital (Press TV, 3 May)

Activists camp outside UK parliament (Press TV, 2 May)

Occupy Democracy protest continues for second day in London (Demotix, 2 May)

London Protesters Take Over Parliament Square Ahead of Election (TeleSUR, 2 May)

Occupy Democracy fight corporate power in 10-day spectacle of dissent (RT, 1 May)

UK Protesters Occupy Parliament Square Calling for Proper Politics (Sputnik News, 1 May)

Warfare Not Wallflowers: Guerrilla Gardeners Go to Westminster (Sputnik News, 1 May)

April 2015

This is not what democracy looks like (Open Democracy, 28 April)

Why I will be occupying Parliament Square on Friday (New Internationalist, 28 April)

Activist Gear Up For May Day (Morning Star, 21 April)

Comedians to Occupy Parliament Square (Chortle, 20 April)

March 2015

Climate Solutions: A Revolution in Democracy (Climate Radio, 10 March)

Climate change protesters march on parliament ahead of Paris climate conference (The Guardian, 8 March)

Mayor’s wall of steel earns a court date (Morning Star, 7 March)

Climate March and policing 7th March 2015 (Indyrikki, 8 March)

100 seats in 100 days (BBC Radio 4)

February 2015

Occupy Democracy February – “Equality and Representation” (Indyrikki, 17 February)

Arrests and scuffles as Occupy Democracy protest in Parliament Square (Demotix, 14 February)

Banged up for democracy – the UK kleptocracy cannot tolerate dissent (Ecologist, 16 February)

January 2015

Occupy Democracy in Parliament Square Sat. 24th Jan 2015 (Indyrikki, 27 January)

Occupy Wins Parliament Square Fence Stand-Off (Londonist, 26 January)

Boris Johnson Fails to Confiscate the Revolution (London Economic, 26 January)

Occupy Democracy campaigners challenge corporate and government corruption (Aee Europe, 26 January)

Occupy Democracy enter Parliament Square, Judicial Review (BBC London News, 24 January)

Thousands protest Trident nuclear weapons replacement (Ruptly live feed, 24 January)

Occupy London planning Democracy Day protest in Parliament Square today (International Business Times, 24 January)

Parliament Square fence crushes protest rights, says Occupy Democracy (The Observer, 3 January)

December 2014

Parliament Square campaigner arrested; Occupy protest highlights housing crisis (Morning Star, Monday 22 December)

Occupy Democracy movement ascends on to UK Parliament again (Press TV, Saturday 20 December)

#OccupyDemocracy activists reoccupy Parliament Square (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (RT, Saturday 20 December)

RT live feed (Ruptly, Saturday 20 December)

Occupy returns to Parliament Square (Indyrikki, Saturday 20 December)

The housing crisis: a deficit in democracy #Occupydemocracy (Open Democracy, Friday 19 December)

Taming Corporate Power: Private elites cling to their privileges (Guardian Letters, Monday 15 December)

November 2014

‘Boris Johnson has imprisoned Nelson Mandela’ (The Voice, Tuesday 25th November)

Demo Cops Fence Off Parliament Square (Morning Star, Monday 24th November)

Let’s watch the police not the protestors (scroll down – Observer, Sunday 23rd November)

Man chains himself to the Houses of Parliament by his neck (London 24, Sunday 23rd November)

London OccupyDemocracy Activist Locked on to Houses of Parliament Railings (Revolution News!, Sunday 23rd November)

Occupy Protesters Set Up Camp Outside Supreme Court (Huffington Post, Saturday 22nd November)

Defying Ban, Occupy London Protesters Attempt to Set Up Camp (Yahoo News Video, Saturday 22nd November)

British activist: Government unable to meet demands of people (Press TV, Saturday 22nd November)

What’s going on? The rise of the Greens, Russell Brand, Left Unity,  Occupy & Podemos (Martin O Beirne, Saturday 22nd November)

#OccupyDemocracy – a tale of two police officers (, Saturday 22nd November)

Why are Occupy Democracy protesters staging another occupation in London? (New Statesman, Saturday 22nd November)

Protesters slam Parliament blockade (Belfast Telegraph, Friday 21st November)

Occupy Democracy protesters camp overnight in soggy Parliament Square (London 24, Saturday 22nd November)

Police act on Westminster protesters (Scottish Herald, Saturday 22nd November)

Occupy prevented from setting up Parliament Square camp (BBC, Saturday 22nd November)

UK police, Occupy protesters clash in London (Press TV, Saturday 22nd November)

Occupy Protesters Converge On Central London To Set Up Camp Outside Westminster (Huffington Post, Friday 21st November)

Occupy protesters in bid to set up camp in Parliament Square (Evening Standard, Friday 21st November)

Occupy Democracy returns to Parliament Square (New Internationalist, Friday 21st November)

On Mandela, Grass, Occupy and UKIP (, Friday 21st November)

Occupy Democracy demo: Recap updates as group protests in Parliament Square (The Daily Mirror, Friday 21st November)

Occupy protesters descend on square (Daily Mail, Friday 21st November)

Occupy protesters return to Westminster (ITV, Friday 21st November)

Why Occupy? Denial of Democracy (Morning Star, Saturday 1st November)

From Occupy Democracy to One Nation Labour: real democracy now? (Open Democracy, Saturday 1st November)

October 2014

Occupy Democracy is not considered newsworthy. It should be (The Guardian, Monday 27th October)

Parliament Square protest law is too restrictive and needs urgent review (The Guardian, Monday 27th October)

Call For Radical Reform At End of Occupation (Morning Star, 27th October)

Occupy protesters to leave London’s Parliament Square (Financial Times, Sunday 26th October)

9 Farcical Bits of Policing at #occupydemocracy (Red Pepper, Saturday 25th October)

Democracy has come to life in Parliament Square (New Internationalist, Friday 24th October)

#OccupyDemocracy: Protesters hold Parliament Square despite arrests (Russia Today, Friday 24th October)

Protest group Occupy give London police the runaround outside parliament (Voice of Russia, Friday 24th October)

‘Our System is Broken, What Do We Do?’ An Open Letter From #OccupyDemocracy (Dan Ashman for Scriptonite Daily, Friday 24th October)

#OccupyDemocracy (Tina Louise, Friday 24th October)

Occupy’s #tarpaulinrevolution: When the law enables police to breach human rights (London Economic, Thursday 23rd October)

Parliament square arrests for feeding protest (literally) (Channel 4 News, Thursday 23rd October)

The Return of Occupy London: this Time it’s Truly Political (Dissident Voice, Thursday 23rd October)

Occupy Democracy: symbols, constitutions and fear in the belly of the British state (OpenDemocracy, Thursday 23rd October)

Occupy Democracy: symbols, constitutions and fear in the belly of the British state (OpenDemocracy, Thursday 23rd October)

The Trivialisation of Democracy: The View From Parliament Square? (Huffington post, Thursday 23rd October)

Police haul off Parliament Square protesters (Morning Star, Wednesday 22nd October)

Lone protester spends night on Churchill statue surrounded by police in Parliament Square (London Evening Standard, Wednesday 22nd October)

Shouldn’t Parliament Square be for protesters? (Liberal Democrat Voice, Wednesday 22nd October)

Occupydemocracy: questions and limitations of a protest (Open Democracy, Wednesday 22nd October 2014)

Jenny Jones criticises Met Police after being arrested during protest on Parliament square (London – ITV News, Tuesday 21st October)

Green politician Jenny Jones arrested in Occupy London protest (The Guardian, Tuesday  21st October)

Senior Green Party politician Jenny Jones arrested at Occupy London (The Independent, Tuesday 21st October)

Senior Green Party member Jenny Jones ‘arrested then de-arrested’ at Occupy London (London Evening Standard, 21st October)

Then and now – Parliament Square, democracy and repression (Indyrikki, Tuesday 21st Oct

Occupy Democracy: Governments have a history of stopping protests in Parliament Square (openDemocracy, Monday 21st October)

Cops target Occupy Democracy camp in Parliament Square (Socialist Worker, Tuesday 21st October)

Parliament Square Protestors Claim Policing is Heavy-handed (BBC London News, Monday 20th October)

Occupy democracy camp faces police harassment (Morning Star, Monday 20th October)

#TarpaulinRevolution: London police storm Parliament Square occupation (RT, Monday 20th October)

#OccupyDemocracy in Parliament Square: Hands Off Our Tarpaulin (Huffington Post, Monday 20th October)

Occupy Democracy holds Parliament Square despite police aggression (Counterfire, Monday 20th October)

London’s ‘Tarpaulin Revolution’ lives another day (The Ecologist, Monday 20th October)

Occupy Democracy – The Battle of the Tarpaulin (Indymedia, Sunday 19th October)

Police move to clear Occupy protesters from Parliament Square (The Guardian, Sunday 19th October)

Occupy Democracy – The Battle of the Tarpaulin (Indyrikki, Saturday 18th October)

Less freedom in Westminster’s Parliament Square than in Hong Kong!! (The Ecologist, Sunday 19th October)

12 sets of photographs from the first 24 hours (Demotix, Saturday 18th October)

Occupy London protesters start week long demonstration in Parliament Square (Evening Standard, Saturday 18th October)

UK protesters occupy London’s Parliament Square (Press TV, Saturday 18th October)

Protesters occupy Parliament Square (ITV News, Friday 17th October)

Massive grab for what vestige we have of democracy left (RT, Wednesday 15th October)

We need to Occupy Democracy – George Barda (Truth Loader, Monday 13th October)

New Occupation Of London’s Parliament Square As People Demand Real Democracy (, Tuesday 10th October)



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