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Occupy Democracy Bulletin #010

Occupy Democracy Bulletin Highlights!

  • Festival For Democracy at Runnymede (12th-16th June)
  • Reclaim The Power (29th May-2nd June)
  • Fightback against Tory Cuts and Attacks on Democracy (various dates)
  • Towards a Constitutional Convention
  • Videos from Occupy Democracy’s Festival of Democracy
  • Artist Taxi Driver’s new “Westmonster” film


Festival for Democracy at Runnymede (12th-16th June)

Occupy Democracy supporters are co-organising this event with the Runnymede Eco-village community and New Putney Debates.

The festival is an alternative to the official celebration of Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary, which Queen Elizabeth II and world dignitaries will attend at the monument just down the hill on the 15th June. The festival combines political talks and workshops, direct action training, musical performers and DJs as well as an opportunity to continue to explore the idea of initiating a people-led process for creating a new constitution.

Runnymede Eco Village was set up to demonstrate solutions to the pressing issues of land rights, sustainability, and the degradation of community in modern society. The close proximity to the Magna Carta memorial and proceedings for an eviction have led to substantial publicity, giving the residents a platform to voice their concerns.

Confirmed speakers include Artist Taxi DriverGuy Standing, Anthony Barnett founder of Open Democracy, occupier and anthropologist David GraeberDavid Whyte author of How Corrupt is Britain, the editor of the Runnymede Gazette, and Towards An Agreement of the People for the 21st Century. Some of the evolving programme can be found on the Festival For Democracy facebook page.

If you are interested in attending the event, or contributing in any platform please get in touch.

“COME ONE AND ALL to celebrate the right to freedom at the ‘birthplace of modern democracy'”


Reclaim The Power (29th May-2nd June)

An international weekend of climate action near Didcot gas-fired power station in Oxfordshire to take on the ‘Big Six’ energy companies stranglehold of our energy supply. Direct action training, workshops, entertainments, self-managed camp and the opportunity to kick some corporate butt on the day of action.


Fightback against Tory Cuts and Attacks on Democracy (various dates)

Don’t let the bastards get you down – choose action over despondency when coming to terms with the general election result. Lots of demos and actions coming up:


Videos from Occupy Democracy’s Festival of Democracy (1st-10th May) 

There’s a bunch of films of speakers to catch up with here.


Towards a Citizen-Led Constitutional Convention

The last day of Occupy Democracy’s “Festival of Democracy” was devoted to the idea of exploring a citizen-led constitutional convention. You can read a report of the day here and watch livestreams from the day here.


Artist Taxi Driver’s new full-length film “Westmonster”featuring Occupy Democracy

Check out Artist Taxi Driver’s new three-hour epic dissection of our broken democracy, the long-awaited Westmonster featuring Occupy Democracy and sharing much of our analysis.

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