Demands WG – minutes 22-02-2015

Demands WG Meeting 22 February 2015, 11am-5pm

Nine present and one child. Cafe in Stockwell, good ambience.

*Clarifying the task for this meeting*

The coordination and strategy meeting on 19 Feb recommended “that the
day should aim to come away with a small handful (3?) of demands that
directly relate to our headline message.” This “headline message” was
agreed at the Election Strategy day on 8 Feb where we defined Occupy
Democracy as follows: *”We are a social movement for democracy free from
corporate control that works for people and planet.”

Group agreed to draw on our existing demands (and not create new ones)
to develop six key demands that relate directly to democracy and the
upcoming election. Some rewording of existing demands has been done to
enhance impact, add clarity and explanation, avoid repetition and
redundancy and – in two cases – combine more than one existing demands into
a single demand.

Group agreed that these core six demands are the main drive for Occupy
Democracy in the lead up to the election. However, there are recognised
many longer term demands that are integral to Occupy Democracy and remain
part of messaging etc but the key focus are these six core points for now.

*Six core demands:*
(Consensus from 9 strong group on the following).

1. “Reform of party funding so that parliament acts in the interests of
those who elect them and not the 1% who bankroll them.”
2. “Major democratic reform of the media to break the stranglehold of
vested interests”
3. “Fundamental overhaul of lobbying and the way powerful economic
interests inhabit the corridors of power within government.”
4. “Introduce proportional representation so that everyone’s vote counts.”
5. “MPs should not have conflicts of interests from either paid employment
or corporate shareholdings.”
6. “Hold a citizen-led constitutional convention for real democracy.”

*ACTION*: Peter to do further research on how other countries control
lobbying influence.
*ACTION*: Peter to look at examples from other countries. Agreement that
we have a workshop on this in May.
*ACTION:* Jamie to ask his partner to try and create a scroll like
graphic of the above six points.

*Ongoing  development of demands:*

The following initial ideas for possible new demands were raised during
the course of the day:

– A European / international demand (e.g. solidarity with Syriza and
Podemos; sovereignty should not reside with the people not the banks / IMF)
– More participatory democracy
– Something in relation to “Henry VIII clauses”
– Transparency
– Values (e.g. human rights, more equal society)

We agreed to:

– focus on our six core demands at the March occupation using examples
related to climate change and the environment
– focus on our six core demands during the May occupation
– design creative direct actions from now to May 10th to highlight
these six core demands

*Long-term demands*

Agreed that we need to discuss how these core demands might change after
the election. We also need to discuss our post-election strategy
*ACTION*: Discuss date(s) for this at next coordination meeting.

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