May 2015

ANTHONY BARNETT- Open Democracy speaking at Occupy Democracy Parliament sq 10 MAY

DAVID WHYTE- How corrupt is Britain? Speaking at Occupy Democracy
Parliament sq 10 MAY

TAMSIN CAVE Director Spin Watch Speaking at Occupy Democracy Parliament sq 10 MAY

JOHN CHRISTENSEN Director Tax Justice  Network Speaking at Occupy Democracy 10 MAY

PAUL MOBBS Speaking about democracy politics and corruption at occupy
democracy parliament sq MAY 15

Two statues in Parliament Square occupied ahead of ten day festival of democracy.

February 2015



October 2014

Human chain around Parliament Square

John Sinha on Occupy Democracy

John Hilary (War on Want)

Ruth London (Fuel Poverty Action)

Keith Hebden (End Hunger Fast)

Paula Peters (Disabled People Against Cuts)

Donnachadh McCarthy

Caroline Lucas MP

Natalie Bennett

John McDonnell MP

Peter Tatchell -Talk: Economic Democracy

Ken Loach

Vivienne Westwood

Message from Dr Chris Fursdon

Asad Rehman (Friends of the Earth)

Explo Nani kofi – “A Message from the peoples street Parliament of Ghana”

Russell Brand

Frack Free Nanas

The Artist Taxi Driver

Scriptonite blogger

Committee to Defend the Right to Protest

Kate Smurthwaite

Matilda Wnek

Danny the plinth man

John Sinha

George Barda

Mika Minio-Paluello and Chris Nineham: How British foreign energy policy drives human rights abuses

Anna Minton: How the right to protest has been squeezed out of public space

Christopher Hird (Executive Producer, Still the Enemy Within): “The 1984/5 Miners’ Strike: the story they don’t want you to hear”

Donnachadh McCarthy on How a 21st Century Great Reform Act could tackle the Prostitute State

Jeremy Leggett on The Renewable Energy Transformation

Michael Meacher MP on The State We Need

Nicholas Wilson on Fiona Woolf

Joel Benjamin (Move Your Money) on Debt Audits

Jolyon Rubinstein on Magna Carter 2.0

Ewa Jasiewicz (Reclaim The Power)

Memed Eskoy (Kurdish activist)

Adam Ramsey (OpenDemocracy) Part 1 Part 2

James Meadway (New Economics Foundation)

November 2014

Finding the sweet spot

Occupy London Working Group speakers

  • Barnaby Flynn – Global Empire and Global People Power (Real Democracy Working Group)
  • David Dewhurst (Economics Working Group) on the Little Book of Ideas
  • Julie Timbrell on New Putney Debates

Peter Deane on extreme energy (Biofuelwatch & Occupy London Energy, Equity and Environment Working Group)

Craig Murray (former ambassador to Uzbekistan)

Natalie Bennett (Green Party)

Donnachadh McCarthy on “The Media & Democracy” (Author, The Prostitute State)

Jeremie Bedard (an organiser of the 2012 Quebec student strikes) part 1, part 2

Tytus Murphy (Divest London) on the campaign to disinvest from fossil fuels

Brownie Promise

December 2014

Shahrar Ali (The Green Party)

Fossil Free Nativity Play (Christian Climate Action & Divest London)

Occupy Barnet / Our West Hendon (housing campaign)

Green & Black Cross Legal

Phoenix Rainbow on Squatting

Martin Powell (poet)

Carols Not Barrels (Shell Out Sounds choir) I, II, III

Focus E15 Mothers and the Revolutionary Communist Group

George Barda (Occupy Democracy) on the compassionate revolution

January 2015

Tom Barns & Matthew Burnett-Stuart​ (Campaign Against the Arms Trade)


Media reports

Russell Brand talks about Occupy on Newsnight
Author Pollyanna Ruiz on how protests like Occupy shape mainstream media


Police actions and non-violent resistance

Occupy Democracy and Reclaim the Power-Shell Action March 7TH 2015

Occupy Democracy and Reclaim the Power Shell Action March 7TH 2015

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