• Occupy Democracy questions democratic legitimacy of Tory “win”
  • Group joins others to say “F*ck The Tories, No To All Cuts, Yes to Real Democracy”
  • “Festival of democracy” programme cancelled to protest illegitimate Tory “win”

Occupy Democracy – the social movement campaigning for urgent democratic reform through civil disobedience – joined other groups [1] today protesting outside the Conservative Party headquarters in the “F*ck the Tories, No to All Cuts, Yes to Real Democracy” demonstration.

Conservatives “win” illegitimate; proportional representation now!

The Conservative Party have been elected on just 37% of the vote by about 25% of the electorate [2] under our archaic First-Past-The-Post system.Occupy Democracy supporter David Dominic condemned the Tory “win” as illegitimate.

“David Cameron will have no popular mandate for his vile attacks on the poor and this demonstration shows that the British people intend to fight back. 75% of the electorate did not vote for the Conservatives and 75% of the public support our call for a more proportional system so that everyone’s vote counts.”

Under First-Past-The-Post the Green Party won just a single seat in the House of Commons despite getting 1.4 million votes. UKIP were even worse served by the system winning just one seat but receiving 3.8 million votes. The Green Party and the SNP received a roughly equivalent amount of votes yet the SNP won 56 seats compared to the Greens single seat. [2].

“Festival of democracy” programme cancelled in favour of demonstration

The non-violent pro-democracy group Occupy Democracy cancelled its programme of speakers, workshops and comedy on Parliament Square on day nine of its ten-day “Festival of Democracy” so that its supporters could take part in the “F*ck The Tories” demonstration.

The festival is due to conclude tomorrow with a session on moving towards a citizen-led constitutional convention.The group’s six core demands for reforming our democratic system can be read here:https://occupydemocracy.org.uk/demands/



  1. The demonstrations has been supported and called by: London Black Revs, The Brick Lane Debates, Occupy Democracy, BirminghamStrong Justice 4 ALL, Kashmiri Students Campaign UK, Rojava Solidarity Working Group, Class War, Occupy UAL, Our Brixton, Sisters Uncut.
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election/2015/results

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