Environment, Climate Change and our Broken Democracy – Saturday March 7th


We are the first generations to feel the effects of catastrophic climate change but we are the last generations who can do anything about it. If not now, when? If not you, who?

On March 7th Occupy Democracy will be returning for its sixth occupation of Parliament Square. This month’s action will begin with an Occupy Democracy bloc on the Time to Act Climate March. We’ll assemble at 12.30 at Lincoln Inns Fields – look out for the big yellow & black OD banner!

With 32% of our current current government directly linked to either the fossil fuel industry or the big banks that fund them, and at least three members of the current cabinet with direct links to the fossil fuel industry, we have to act now to get this disastrous influence of the fossil fuel industry out of our democracy.

This industry, which clearly has undemocratic access to shaping the rules that govern it, is behind the biggest threat to the human species in history. Our only recourse now is to reclaim the power and occupy democracy for ourselves so that people and planet are put before profits. The time for signing petitions, writing a letter to your MP or sending a fiver to an NGO has long gone. You taking action now is the only hope our grandchildren have left!

Follow our twitter feed @OccupyDemocracy and watch this space for further announcements. We are keeping a fluid schedule due to the many possible outcomes from the march but we do have some sensational speakers and events lined up that are all about you joining us in occupying democracy and taking back the power to shape a future to be proud of.

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