Programme for February 14th-15th

Solidarity with other events before our occupation include:

Saturday 14th January

The following is the draft programme – check back for updates:

3:30pm Assemble at Parliament Square

  • Introduction to Occupy Democracy
  • Set up space
  • Safe space policy

4pm Sortition – The end of politicians? Talk and discussion by Brett from Sortition Foundation

4:45pm Tackling Islamophobia Workshop facilitated by Saeeda Bukhari & Liz Beech

5:30pm Vigil for the Death of UK’s democracy underneath Nelson Mandela’s statue – bring candles, jam jars and tarpaulin

18:30pm Representation and Democracy Discussion and workshop with Josh from London Black Revs

7pm Austerity and Conquering Divide & Rule with Kerry-Anne Mendoza (aka Scriptonite)

7:30pm – General Assembly

  • Occupy London General Assembly to discuss proposal on OL’s relationship to political parties (see note at the foot of this programme for the full wording of the proposal) (60 minutes)
  • Occupy Democracy General Assembly to brainstorm ideas for creative direct actions in the run-up to the general election (60 minutes)

9:30pm – Entertainments- including Mizan the Poet, Wolf Like Child and Ryan Fox

10:30pm End/possible overnight presence on the square subject to discussion

Sunday 15th January

11am – Introduction to Occupy Democracy and our Safe Space Policy

12pm – Love Activists / Bohemians for Soho on squatting and the housing crisis

12:30pm – Gender Inequality in Parliament with Frances from 50:50 Parliament

1pm – Gender and Neoliberalism Discussion and Workshop with Sam Keyes (Women Against the Cuts) and Ruth Cain (University of Kent)

2pm The impact of cuts to domestic violence services with Lucy and Rose from Sisters Uncut

2:30 Independent Workers of Great Britain and their fight for the Living Wage

2.45pm Representation of the Roma/Traveller community with Martin Hassani

3:315pm Speakers including a representative from Syriza

4pm – General Assembly

6pm – Entertainment – including Mizan the Poet & Wolf Like Child

7pm – Occupation ends

Occupy London proposal:

In line with its Statement of Autonomy, Occupy London is unable to support or endorse any established political parties. However with the forthcoming general election, it is recognised that certain political parties have policies that are more in line with Occupy’s aims than others, even though none of them seek the systemic change that Occupy sees as essential.

Therefore it is proposed that:

‘In the run-up to the general election, Occupy should highlight those policies in political parties’ manifestos, and statements by individual candidates, that are in line with our aims, and those which aren’t, with the hope of giving some assistance to those supporters of Occupy who wish to exercise their democratic right to vote.’


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