Programme for January 24th Occupation

Draft programme for January 24th Occupation (check back for updates)

12-3pm Wrap Up Trident

3-4pm – Direct Action Groups Discussion with Stop the Arms FairSmash EDO & others to be confirmed

4.15-5pm – Matthew Burnett-Stuart​ & Tom Barns from Campaign Against Arms Trade w/Q&A

5-6pm – Speaker to be confirmed

6.15-8.15pm – General Assembly

This will include an initial discussion of Occupy’s Democracy’s relationship to the election (which will be continued at a dedicated day-long discussion on Sunday 8th February) and consideration of the following possible additional demands that have been put forward:

  • Take back the power to create money from the banks (aka “Positive Money” aka “Democratising Money”)
  • Stop subsidising and promoting the arms trade (currently £700m / year) including shutting DSO
  • Immediately suspend and prohibit all arms sales to countries with active and serious human rights records and where there is potential for aggravating conflict
  • Don’t waste £100 billion on renewing Trident
  • Cancel unjust debt to free countries from debt slavery

8.15pm Entertainment – to be confirmed

9pm Ends

The programme will also include a peaceful direct action In support of our demand for Real Democracy Now and in defence of our right to protest in Parliament Square – time and nature to be finalised onsite.

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