#occupydemocracy activist locked on to Houses of Parliament railings

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Websites: https://occupydemocracy.org.uk/ / http://occupylondon.org.uk/

    •    #occupydemocracy activist locked on to Houses of Parliament railings
    •    20 metre long “Real Democracy Now!” banner in front of Parliament
    •    #occupydemocracy ‘s programme of talks continues directly in front of Houses of Parliament

Arran-night-BigBen-byDrewAt about 3:30pm this afternoon #occupydemocracy supporter Arran locked on to the railings of Houses of Parliament.

The focus of the #occupydemocracy demonstration has now moved directly in front of the Houses of Parliament where our constructive programme of talks and debates continues on the pavement.

Protestors are holding a 20 metre banner saying “Real Democracy Now!” in front of the Houses of Parliament.

Arron has a bicycle D-lock around his neck linking himself to the House of Parliament railings. He was arrested at the previous #occupydemocracy protest in October for sitting on a piece of Tarpaulin on Parliament Square.

Explaining his decision to take this act of nonviolent civil disobedience he said:

“The oppression of my free speech during  Occupy Democracy in October was so extreme I feel this is the only way to get my voice heard ”

Former Liberal Democrat Vice Chair and author of “The Prostitute State”, Donnachadh McCarthy, who gave a speech at #occupydemocracy earlier today said:

“Arran’s heroic gesture is in the proud democratic tradition of the suffragettes  – our democracy has been so damaged by corporate hijacking that only such mass peaceful direct action can create a democracy works on behalf of all the people, and not just the 1%”

#occupydemocracy has come together to build a movement for a democracy free from corporate influence that works for all of us – not just banks, corporations and a wealthy few.


2 thoughts on “#occupydemocracy activist locked on to Houses of Parliament railings

  1. linda.hurrell@googlemail.com

    Brilliant work, Occupy D! Thanks for all your posts,over the weekend which have enabled us to share a bit in the action. Well done with all your programme and creativity, and three cheers for your living room in the heart of the nation. Linda.

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