Talks in the Living Room


our programme of speakers has now resumed with our new, custom made arena. row A= people sitting on carpet, row B = people sitting on the sofa, row C = people sitting on the Supreme Court windowsill. People also standing in the wings.


our first speaker was Craig Murray, a whistleblower on the Uk’s extraordinary rendition programme, who discovered in the early 2000s that the MI5 was gaining intelligence from Uzbekhistan’s torture chambers, and sending people there to be tortured. Even when he sent the department pathology reports of how a man was boiled alive, he was told to stop ‘focussing too much on Human Rights’. The case to decide whether Jack Straw and others should be prosecuted over these historic abuses is ongoing.


this led very well into a discussion on how the mainstream media is intent on keeping scandals like this, that begin to get to the heart of the establishment, out of public consciousness.

The talk was so successful that it kept the police at bay: it’s difficult for them not to be seen as interfering with the right to protest when we are so clearly using the space to facilitate discussion like this.

The programme continues!

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