Preps for #occupydemocracy tonight

Hello speculative readers!

Welcome to the  liveblog!

First rule of the liveblog is: You may never refer to   without the hashtag. ‘Occupy Democracy’ is so last month, and now it’s  (apparently).  This is 2014 dissent, plus all the cool student activists are doing it.

Preparations are under way all over town in little creative corners for the move-in tonight. Where we are the breakthrough is we’ve finally found an efficient (though equipment intensive) way of cutting up tiny pieces of tape!

Craft knives anyone?

Craft knives anyone?

Can you guess what we're spelling...

Can you guess what we’re spelling…

We’re making some tarp bunting. One of the great lessons of last month was: pretty things are powerful. Last time the police took everything beautiful without explanation. They went straight for our bunting, our decoration, our hand-painted ‘Safer Spaces’ policy, and destroyed it all.

And especially if they’re going to make the place look ugly and threatening with those stupid fences, we think it’s worth making as many beautiful things as possible. (read: URGENT call out for properly creative people with a good eye for beauty — tape & tarp is about the limit of these bloggers’ arsenal).

Speaking of creating a mini-society where you’d actually want to spend time, tonight is also the place to be for brilliant stand-up from two exceptional comedians. Liam Williams and Ahir Shah, both of whom have finished solo runs at the Soho Theatre, are performing in Parliament Square for free, at 9pm. Last time they went down amazingly (though we were all a bit hysterical by then and probably would have laughed at a beer can falling over) and they’re smart, clever, and not afraid to wind up a few constables.

That said, most of the constables came over to watch and laugh like the rest of us.

Another reason to come down! See you in T minus six hours!

PS anyone who finds this sprightly tone annoying, it’s the product of delirious excitement and will surely be beaten out of us by Park Wardens/ the cold, so look forward to some more sober reporting from the ground, later.

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