Location change & First general assembly

So, some of you might have seen the upgraded fencing around the square which, despite the GLA’s poe-faced claim last week that it was there to protect the grass, now includes most of the pavement, several pedestrian walkways and the statue of Nelson Mandela. A small blank space is to be especially protected from peaceful protesters, it seems: we are told it will be host to a statue of Ganhi.

Meanwhile, the square is filled with snarling police dogs.

After several maddening chats with Policemen, each of which supplied a different reason why we’d be arrested if we tried to access the square, but all of whom eventually told us to ‘speak to the heritage wardens’, we started to look to another way to exercise our rights to freely assemble, somewhere else.

People keen to find out what heritage wardens actually are, are directed to a website which says they’re there to ‘provide assistance during events’. Lol.

Protesters briefly spilled into the road, and then were briefly kettled until we regrouped on the green outside Downing Street. A GA now taking place is discussing what to do next. More to follow…

(and yes, people are sitting on tarp)

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