Programme for Re-Occupation of Parliament Square (21-23rd Nov 2014)

Friday 21st Nov  

6pm: Occupation starts, people gather (including one hour crossover with Big NHS Sleep Out which ends at 7pm)


  • Welcome / Intro
  • Safer Spaces
  • Speakers on NHS
  • Organisational Assembly

9pm: Entertainment

  • Comedy from Ahir Shah and Liam Williams
  • “Open no-mic”

Saturday 22nd Nov

7am – people needed early as possible to relieve those who have stayed overnight.

12pm: General assembly – site issues and practicalities

2pm – 3.30pm: Occupy London Working Group speakers

  • Barnaby Flynn – Global Empire and Global People Power (Real Democracy Working Group)
  • Economics Working Group on their Little Book of Ideas
  • Julie Timbrell, David Dewhurst & Carl on New Putney Debates
  • Energy, Equity and Environment working group on their current work

3.30pm – 5pm: speakers/workshops to be confirmed

5pm – 6pm: Break

6pm – 7.30pm: speakers/workshops:

  • Extreme Energy with Peter Deane (Biofuelwatch and Occupy London Energy, Equity and Environment Working Group) and others to be confirmed

7:30pm – 9pm: General Assembly

  • Main theme: Sharing ideas and experiences to build solutions. (With intro on the work done so far on the demands and the ongoing development in demands working group)
  • Proposal: to replace “ban fracking” with “ban extreme energy” in our list of provisional demands (precise wording to follow).

9pm: Entertainment

  • Peter Deane
  • Cara-Jane Murphy
  • “Open no-mic”

Sunday 23rd Nov

7am – Please arrive as early as possible to relieve those who have stayed overnight – many thanks!

11am: General assembly – site issues and practicalities

12.30pm – 2.00pm: speakers/workshops

  • Natalie Bennett (Green Party)

2.30pm – 4pm: speakers/workshops

  • Donnachadh McCarthy on “The Media & Democracy” (Author, The Prostitute State)

4pm – 5.30pm: speakers/workshops

  • Jeremie Bedard (an organiser of the 2012 Quebec student strikes) on linking the climate and student movements ahead of the United Nations climate change talks in Paris in 2015
  • Tytus Murphy (Divest London) on the campaign to disinvest from fossil fuels

5:30pm – 6pm: speaker/workshop to be confirmed

6pm: General Assembly

  • How we continue to build the movement for Real Democracy Now! (With intro on how we are organising currently and how to get involved)

8pm – Closing Ceremony (featuring Brownie Promise)

11 thoughts on “Programme for Re-Occupation of Parliament Square (21-23rd Nov 2014)

  1. pepa fox

    I would like to think when you do the ( Welcome Intro ) part … you will ask if there are any * newbie’s * there and welcome them …. as ill be a newbie . that’s if I don’t end up in hosp be for then …..
    we not eating there this time then ?

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