Schedule for Sunday, 26th of October

Means of change – a better world is nice in theory, but how do we make it happen? We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Sunday will be a day of assemblies to answer the question: “where do we go from here?” The day will focus on assemblies where people can work out these questions themselves. It includes interventions from the following speakers:

David Carr, NHS Nurse and shop steward on “Trade unions and the fight for democracy”

9:30am Camp assembly/site work

11am Assembly 1: How do we make it happen?

12noon Intervention by Ewa Jasiewicz (Reclaim The Power)

1pm Lunch

2pm Intervention: Memed Eskoy (Kurdish activist) on the Kurdish stateless state, democratic confederalism and the central role of feminism in the Kurdish system.

2:30pm Assembly 2: How do we make it happen? Contd.

3:30pm George Barda

4pm Assembly 3: How do we make it happen? contd.

6pm dinner

7pm Assembly 4: How do we make it happen? contd.

8:30pm entertainments

10pm closing ceremony

2 thoughts on “Schedule for Sunday, 26th of October

  1. Linda Hurrell

    Your program has been fantastic, I wish I could have been there, but trying to participate from a distance. Particularly interested in what you all come up with as the way forward, especially re changing the national conversation and linking the big single issues. Thank you for the physical endurance, and constructive and imaginative approach. I think a lot of people will not feel so alone after this. Very best wishes Linda.


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