Schedule for Wednesday, 22nd of October

Wednesday 22 October: Life, Environment & Equality – why a revolution in democracy is needed to safeguard our future.

We asked Kevin Anderson (Deputy Director, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research) to come down and speak to us today. He declined for professional reasons but shared this video with us about the tenuous prospects for an effective international agreement being reached at the UN climate talks in Paris in 2015. This puts everything into perspective and gives a good framing for how urgently we need radical democratic reform.


9:30am General Assembly/Site work

1pm Lunch

2pm Ruth & Clare (Fuel Poverty Action)

3pm “Community Charters: A tool for Earth stewardship” by Mothiur Rahman (Community Chartering Network)

4pm “How we can care for the environment and create jobs at the same time” Jonathan Neale (One Million Climate Jobs)

5pm “How vested interests dictate our energy policy” by Alex Scrivener (World Development Movement)

5:30pm Caroline Lucas MP (Green Party)

6pm “Community resistance to extreme energy projects: fracking, tars sands and Arctic drilling” by Suzanne Dhaliwal (No Tar Sands Network) with Tina Louise (anti-cracking activist)

7pm Baroness Jenny Jones (Green Party) on Policing and Civil Liberties “International climate negotiations have failed because nation states and the UN process has been captured by corporate interests” by Asad Rehman (Friends of the Earth)

8pm General Assembly

9.45pm Kate Smurthwaite (award-winning political comedian)

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