Breaking: London police attempting to violently and illegally evict peaceful #OccupyDemocracy protestors from Parliament Square

As the #OccupyDemocracy protest in London heads towards the end of its second day, police are attempting to violently close down the peaceful occupation of Parliament Square. [1]

The violent turn of events follows thousands of people marching in London as part of the TUC march against austerity and for a living wage. With around 100 protestors currently kettled and at least 150 around the square, police have tried a number of tactics throughout the protest to remove the protestors, progressively becoming more violent and oppressive in their actions. A number of protestors have already been assaulted and police have confiscated banners and personal items.

Currently the protestors remain determined and resolved, and demand that their right to protest and democratic assembly is facilitated – the very purpose of Parliament Square.

Phone: 07751445132 / 07745651634 / 07424934658 / 07590 405 810
Twitter: #occupydemocracy / @occupydemocracy / @occupylondon
NB. Pictures available on twitter accounts: @OccupyLondon @occupydemocracy

5 thoughts on “Breaking: London police attempting to violently and illegally evict peaceful #OccupyDemocracy protestors from Parliament Square

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  2. keith

    Even though i totally support what they are doing, Liar Blair brought in the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (SCOPA) Due to the demonstrations against the Gulf war. Sections 132 to 138, which restrict the right to demonstrate within a “designated area” of up to one kilometre from any point in Parliament Square. The simple fact is that they are breaking the law so the right to protest in parliament square is unlawful. The evictions cannot be illegal as claimed

  3. Damo

    When any law is made,if that law is questionable morally like the right to peaceful protest being taken away,then all other laws become questionable, democratic political power is rule by consent, who in their right mind would consent to having their voice taken.

    It is our duty to disobey if this is the case.


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