Initial Safe Spaces Document

A foundational premise of this occupation is the right of every individual to feel safe, comfortable and welcome on camp.

Therefore every individual here is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe and welcoming space.

A simple starting point is adherence to these core principles. Incidents that breach these principles will be treated as extremely serious and will likely result in perpetrators leaving the camp.

Non-violent behaviour

Physical violence towards individuals on camp is not permitted under any circumstances.

Non-discriminatory behaviour

Language or behaviour that exhibits racial domination, sexism, homophobia, ablism, class discrimination, prejudice around age and all other forms of oppression will not be permitted under any circumstances.

Sobriety on Camp

Alcohol or drugs should remain off camp. This is to ensure the safety, comfort and rest of everyone and to ensure the effectiveness of the occupation.

Shared Responsibility

These principles are daily commitments to ourselves and the well being of those around us. They are not the sole responsibility of bold or exceptional individuals. If you witness an incident in breach of Safe Spaces, inform other members of the community and address the incident together with care and sensitivity.

Safe Spaces will be addressed at the beginning of every camp meeting to ensure that any improvements to the camp’s Safe Spaces approach can be made.

Safe Spaces arise from the wish that every person on this camp feel valued and accepted in a way that our current society does not provide.

They are rooted in nothing less than love and should be implemented in that spirit.

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